Apostolis Kourtogiannis has a BA in Art & Technology and a MSc in Medialogy from Aalborg University. He has been working for five years as visual artist/light technician/event coordinator in KUL/Nordkraft in Aalborg. Also, teaching node base programming while focusing on creating easy solutions for robotics and interactive installations in general.



Software tools





vvvv is a node based programming language that has been designed for the use of interactive art installations.This is the programm i use mostly not only for visuals but anything of interactive nature in general.


Premiere Pro Adobe Premiere Pro is the program i mainly use for video editing.
Lightroom Adobe After Effects also but with an emphasis on generating special visual effects.
vvvv Adobe Photoshop is the popular image editing software of the Adobe family, its wide variety of use requires no introduction.
vvvv Cubase is the musical program i use for recording and sound manipulation.